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Celebrate Canada Day in the capital City with free family activities taking place at Victoria Park all day long. Activities include Opening Ceremonies, Balloon Twisting ,Face painting, Bouncy Rides, Horse and Wagon Rides, Petting Zoo, Carnival Vending Area, Interactive Booths, 2014 PEI Pavilion, 10 hour Live Outdoor Concert, Fireworks Show and so much more.

Canada Day Events

Canada Day Schedule

Celebrate Canadian multiculturalism with DiverseCity festival - PEI's largest, family-friendly, free outdoor street festival! Come and experience the wide-range of cultural offerings -- music and dancing, displays, cultural activities, games, and delicious international food -- all down Victoria Row. For the grand finale join in the street dance and move to some hot Latin tunes by 'The Count and the Cuban Cocktail'!

DiverseCity Multicultural Street Festival

Big Red Music Festival

The BIG RED Music Festival is taking place June 28 - July 1, 2013! The BIG RED Music Festival will include three days of concerts concluding with free family activities on Canada Day in Victoria Park, including the largest fireworks display east of Montreal! As home to the BIG RED Music Festival, the new Charlottetown Event Grounds will host the Confederation Bridge Concert Series, June 28th-30th, with headline performances on the Red Shores Racetrack & Casino Stage. Some of the featured artists include: Metric, Hedley, Great Big Sea, Our Lady Peace, Ludacris, Serena Ryder, Faber Drive, Courage My Love, David Myles, Mo Kenney and Wildlife.

Big Red Music Festival

Big Red Music Festival - Site Plan

Big Red Music Festival Our Mission To ensure the safety and security of every person attending the 2013 Big Red Music Festival, by providing a planned and coordinated response that is measured, balanced and appropriate, while minimizing the impact on our city and to our citizens. Safety Tips for Downtown Residents To prevent opportunities for damage or thefts from your property, we suggest the following basic tips:
  • Keep vehicle locked and off the street;
  • Have you emptied your vehicle of all valuable possessions (i.e. Money, wallet, cell phone, laptop computer, iPod’s, purse, golf clubs etc.)?
  • Keep outside lighting on;
  • Keep ornamental furniture and items off your front lawn and out of sight; and
  • Keep any “weapons of opportunity” put away (i.e. rocks, rakes or other large objects to throw).
Taking these simple precautions can greatly assist with protecting your home, property and neighborhood. Citizens are encouraged to call in all “suspicious” behaviors to police immediately!! NON-EMERGENCY TEL#629-4172 EMERGENCY TEL# 911 Safety Tips for Event Goers
  • Familiarize yourself with the location and find the exit signs that are near you before the concert begins. Also note where exit signs are when you visit the concession stands or the bathroom. In the event of a site evacuation, people instinctively turn to the entrance they used to enter, thus crowding or blocking the exit.
It's always good to know where more than one exit is located;
  • Stay sober. In a crowded area, what will keep you safe is common sense and a cool head. Being alert also makes you less of a mark for pickpockets and thieves who favor scenarios where they can press close and pass it off as accidentally bumping into you;
  • Be courteous. It really can stave off a confrontation - which escalate very quickly. Excuse yourself if you bump someone, and likewise give that guy or girl who stepped on your foot the benefit of the doubt when he apologizes.
  • Let the Police and Security do their jobs. If you see someone harassing another person, throwing things, creating a disturbance or threatening violence, report it to Security. If you step into the fray, you can get injured and also ejected from the show, even if you were trying to help someone else.
  • Bring a friend and keep an eye out for each other when seeing a show in an unfamiliar venue or area. Designate a meeting place to meet after the concert is over if you get separated during the show.
  • Stay calm in the event of emergency. Locate your friends if you can and make your way to the nearest exit.
Traffic and Parking Event goers will naturally migrate to the closest available parking and it can be anticipated that any parking lots and available on street parking close to the venue will fill quickly. To prevent violations and disruptive behavior in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the concert site, parking will be restricted and closing monitored for compliance.

(See illustration below - Parking Restrictions)

Click here for a list Charlottetown's Parking Facilities.

Click here for Public Transit Schedules

Parking Restructions

Event Schedule and details can be found at www.charlottetownsummerfest.com

Video Surveillance

Charlottetown Police Services will deploy video surveillance equipment in area of the Downtown during the period of Big Red Music Fest. These areas will be marked with the following signage.


Increased safety - The presence of video surveillance cameras can have a positive effect on increasing public safety. Early detection can lead to crime prevention. Crime deterrent - The mere presence of video surveillance cameras can act as a powerful crime deterrent. Individuals are less likely to commit a crime if they suspect that they are being monitored. Provides evidence for investigations - Evidence that has been obtained from video gathered from video surveillance cameras has proved invaluable in many police investigations.

Disorderly Conduct

A person shall be guilty of disorderly conduct if, he or she is likely to create, or has created, a nuisance, by doing one, or more, of the following:
  1. Screaming, shouting, yelling, fighting or initiating any other disruptive noise, commotion or action on public streets, public places or in any premise adjacent thereto in such a manner as to disturb any person within the area of audibility;
  2. Addressing profane, obscene or abusive language or threats of violence to any person present so as to create a nuisance;
  3. Failing or refusing to obey a lawful order of dispersal by a police officer, where two (2) or more persons are committing acts of disorderly conduct in the immediate vicinity;
  4. Willfully or wantonly ringing any doorbell or knocking at any door, building or fence so as to disturb or annoy any person in his dwelling, place of business, or meeting place;
  5. Performing as a street musician or busker during night time hours;
  6. Without lawful excuse, loitering, crowding, congregating, or failing or refusing to disperse when ordered to do so by a police officer on the public streets or sidewalks so as to unreasonably obstruct or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and by doing so, creating an unsafe condition for vehicular or pedestrian traffic or use of such street or sidewalk;
  7. Molesting, harassing, or obstructing vehicular traffic by coasting, skateboarding, roller blading, skating or by throwing or propelling stones, balls, snowballs or other things, or by playing any game;
  8. Willfully or wantonly defacing or injuring any public or private building, fence or other structure or any property of any nature by any means howsoever;
  9. Making or lighting any fire in any street, or setting fire to any fireworks within the City unless specially authorized by the Council.

Disorderly Premises

Any person who disturbs neighbors or passers-by by permitting or engaging in shouting, fighting, screaming or the making of any loud noise or any other improper or disorderly conduct in the house or premises occupied by such person is guilty of an offence. Any person who permits or engages in any activity that unreasonably disturbs or tends to disturb the peace and tranquility of a neighbourhood is guilty of an offence.    


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