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Services we provide

Fire Suppression Firefighting is one of the world’s most honored but hazardous occupations. It is the duty of every fire department to practice life safety, incident stabilization and property conservation. The firefighter’s job is not comfortable or easy: it is a profession that exposes an individual to a high level of personal stress and danger. Fire fighting requires a high sense of personal dedication, a genuine desire to help people, and a high level of skill.”

Our firefighters are ordinary people willing to respond to the needs of others in times of emergencies.

Vehicle Extrication

People may be trapped in a vehicle due to some type of accident. Firefighters have the ability to size up the situation, assess the need to remove the victim and stabilize the vehicle when neccessary. Various methods can be used, depending upon the damage of the vehicle. Firefighters are trained in the area, using tools and skills that allow them the ability to perform these tasks safely.

First Responders

Firefighters are trained in responding to medical situations and are certified in CPR and first aid. Being first on scene, firefighters are required to know what to do and how to sustain life during such situations.

Water Rescue & Recovery

Water rescue and recovery are services the department participates in.Water rescue may result when a victim is unable to get themselves to safety. Recovery will occur when the victim has not been successful. In water rescue firefighters use the method reach, throw, row, go.

Ice Rescue

Ice rescue is often unpredictable as the thickness of the ice can be deceiving. Falling through ice will result in the victim experiencing hypothermia. Trained firefighters respond to aid in removing a person from the icey waters. Getting the person out of the water as quickly as possible is critical. Using the inflatable ice boat is the best method allowing firefighters to paddle to the victim and haul the victim on board.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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