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2017-11-10 - Overnight Parking Restrictions in Place Beginning November 15

The City of Charlottetown is reminding the public that the overnight parking restrictions will be in effect next week. As listed in the City of Charlottetown Traffic Bylaw, no person shall park or leave any vehicle on the traveled portion of any street or square between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. from the 15th day of November to the 15th day of April each year.

The overnight parking restrictions also apply to those with Residential Parking Permits. Permit holders are responsible for ensuring they have access to alternate parking during the winter periods.

Having overnight winter parking restrictions in place allows for a proactive approach to road safety operations. Because traffic is not as heavy during the overnight hours, snow cleaning and winter maintenance can be done in a more efficient and effective way, which helps crews meet service delivery standards for snow removal.

In addition to overnight parking restrictions, motorists should also be aware that under the Provincial Highway Traffic Act and the City Traffic Bylaw, vehicles can be removed from the roadway at any time should they be parked in such a manner that the vehicle impedes the removal of snow from the roadway.

The overnight parking restrictions are enforced by Police on a discretionary basis as snow plowing and clearing or de-icing needs to take place. Motorists should avoid parking vehicles on City streets during or shortly after a heavy snowfall when roadways are not cleared to the curb.

As part of the Charlottetown Alert System, the public has the option to subscribe to receive notifications when the City expects to be de-icing or plowing. The alert system is subscription based, which means residents have to willingly provide their contact information in order to receive notifications. Those who sign up can choose how they receive messages, such as by phone, text or email. Anyone who signs up for alerts can opt out at any time. Subscription to the service is free and online registration can be completed at: www.charlottetown.ca.

The City will strive to post information on its website and social media platforms to alert the public of when snow clearing, plowing and de-icing will be taking place and parking restrictions will be enforced. Notices will be sent to media and updates will be made to the City webpage daily at noon and 4 p.m. The onus still lies with residents to be aware of weather conditions and move their vehicles when snow clearing, plowing or de-icing will be taking place.

To avoid the risk of being ticketed or towed, the City recommends residents and visitors adhere to the overnight parking restrictions from November 15 to April 15 each year.

For additional information, visit: www.charlottetown.ca and click the Know About Snow button.


Media contact:

Alicia Packwood
Communications Assistant
City of Charlottetown

Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
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