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2016-09-12 - Information on Using Mini-Roundabouts

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The City of Charlottetown recently opened its first mini-roundabout at the intersection of Brackley Point Road and Oak Drive. The mini-roundabout was chosen for this area by the City of Charlottetown Public Works Department, in consultation with engineers from CBCL Limited. It is designed to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, slow traffic on the Brackley Point Road and reduce delays for motorists approaching from Oak Drive.

Various options were considered for improving this intersection, including a 4-way stop and installation of traffic signals. It was determined the mini-roundabout would achieve the City’s objectives without increasing delays on the Brackley Point Road or impacting neighbouring properties.

While the new project has been successful in addressing overall traffic concerns, some people may be wondering how a mini-roundabout works and why it is smaller than other roundabouts found in the city area.

The following is information to help drivers learn more about the project and navigate the mini-roundabout safely:

• The mini-roundabout geometry is designed to slow traffic. 

• The mini-roundabout has a mountable curb (low skirting) in the centre so that large trucks are able to travel through it. The cab of a large truck should travel in the regular lane, but some of the wheels from its trailer may need to travel over the centre skirting. The same may also apply to large buses.

• Though smaller in diameter than a traditional roundabout, mini-roundabouts operate the same way as larger roundabouts and the same rules apply to motorists:

o Slow down as you approach a roundabout;
o Keep to the right and always yield to vehicles already in the roundabout;
o Yield for pedestrians who are trying to cross at the crosswalks;
o Smaller vehicles, like cars and SUVs (which comprise about 98% of the vehicles at this intersection) must stay on the paved surfaces and avoid the centre median.

• The mini-roundabout is large enough to accommodate snowplows.

• Like larger roundabouts, the mini-roundabout has crosswalks that are set back from the edge of the circle about one-car length so the crosswalks remain unobstructed even if traffic is queued to enter the circle.

• Crosswalks are available in two locations on the mini-roundabout, connecting the existing sidewalks for pedestrians.

For more information about roundabouts, visit: http://www.gov.pe.ca/tir/roundabouts to download the Province of PEI’s brochures on using duel-lane or single-lane roundabouts.



Photo Cutline: Aerial view of the Brackley Point Road/Oak Drive mini-roundabout. Photo credit: David McConnell Aerial Photography.

Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
City Hall
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