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Property #1131
Block # 2014

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Architectural & Building History  /  Research & Footnotes


Photo by Natalie Munn

Photo by Natalie Munn

PEI PARO Acc2320/32-8


Civic Address:
24 Longworth Avenue
Historical Address:
Common Lot 32

Resource Name:
Prince Edward Island Hospital

Heritage Recognition:

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Original Construction Time Period: c.1856

Feature Establishment Date:

Block Overview:
This block is made up of Common Lots 30, 31 and 32 and was originally owned by John Brecken, Robert Hodgson as well as Ralph and Henry Widmore Perry. It is an important block. The Longworth family and the Breckens were early owners and pretty much determined the development of the area. Two builders had a major impact on this area; Charles MacGregor and Robert Fennell and as Pleasant Street, Victory Avenue and Esher (Esker) Street opened up, growth followed. Today the area is a very pleasant residential area. With the building of the railway through the east side of this block, industry developed. In 1899, the Charlottetown Condensed Milk Factory opened on the east side of Esher Street. It was completely destroyed by fire in August 1911. It was replaced by a beautifully designed building by Benjamin Chappell that unfortunately, twenty-one years later, suffered the same fate. It was located where M.F. Schurman Co. was located for a number of years. Other businesses that operated in the area were the Charlottetown Can Company and the Government Cold Storage Plant. The history of the Prince Edward Island Hospital is very much connected with this block. They had opened their first hospital in the Haszard House at 24-36 Longworth Avenue. It opened on January 28, 1884. It was the answer to the demands of the community for "a general" hospital, one not affiliated with a religious body, as was the Charlottetown Hospital that had opened in 1879. It was a good beginning. In 1896, the trustees, seeing a greater need than the Haszard House could provide, accepted the gift of Rev. Ralph Brecken's property on the Kensington Road. Architect, C.B. Chappell called tenders for a new building on that site in June 1898. It opened in March 1900 and served the needs of the community until 1934, when the new Prince Edward Island Hospital was built on Brighton Road. The trees around the Kensington Road building, that still exist today, are not accidental. The ladies of the hospital had a planting day on May the 1st, 1902 with the results we still enjoy. One of the most historic events in our history occurred on this block. It was the turning of the sod for the PEI Railway on October 5, 1871. "After a great deal of misgivings and much secrecy and shuffling, the government mustered up courage to let it be known, an hour or two before the ceremony took place that the first sod of the railway would be turned". The spot selected was a field near the residence of Ralph Brecken on the Kensington Road. For many in the community today, the introduction to this block was where Longworth Avenue meets Euston Street. Michael's Grocery, who had taken over the business from the Rix Family on that corner in the late thirties, moved along and served the large residential community in the area into the 1960's.

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Identification  /  Property History & Ownership  / 
Architectural & Building History  /  Research & Footnotes

Property History & Ownership

Resource Overview:
When Francis Longworth subdivided his large Esker estate in 1856, plasterer John Egan purchased plot #1 with 43 feet on Longworth Avenue, then known as St. Peter's Road. [2] After John Egan died his former residence was rented by Alexander Inglis, head of the National School. By 1870 the house had been bought by Henry Jones Cundall and rented to merchant Henry Haszard. Cundall would eventually sell the property in 1885 at which point it was converted for use as the Prince Edward Island Hospital. At the time of this sale the property included an undeveloped parcel of land on the corner of St. Peter's Road (Longworth Avenue) and Cumberland street. It seems likely that the sizeable addition to the building was constructed around this time. The PEI Hospital operated from this site until a new location was developed on the Kensington Road in 1898. [3] Newspaper notices indicate a steady turn-over of ownership following this building's use as a hospital. A 1900 notice called for tenders to purchase the property. [4] By 1916 a three tenement building at 26-30-32 Longworth was being sold by a Mrs. E.G. Stewart. [5] This notice was quickly followed by another indicating that the Stewart property had been sold to Jonathan West and Albert Wise. [8] The ownership of West and Wise appears to have been very short indeed since the 1919 auction sale notice listed an H. Aitken as the seller. This notice stated that the structure featured "all modern fixtures and sewerage connections, a firm foundation of stone and brick. (A) splendid cellar... all in first class repair." [7] The further internal division of the former hospital is evidenced by a 1946 advertisement offering 24-32 Longworth for sale as 3 apartments and a double tenement.

    From: To:
OccupantEgan, John
OccupantInglis, Dr. Alexander
OccupantHaszard, Henry
OccupantPrince Edward Island Hospital18851898
OwnerEgan, John
OwnerCundall, Henry Jones
OwnerPrince Edward Island Hospital18851898
OwnerStewart, Mrs. E.G.1915
OwnerWest, Jonathan1915
OwnerWise, Albert1915
OwnerEastern Trust


Identification  /  Property History & Ownership  / 
Architectural & Building History  /  Research & Footnotes

Architectural & Building History

Building Interior Overview:

Building Alterations Overview:
At some point, possibly around 1885, a large addition was built at the Cumberland Street end of this building. [1]

Exterior Building Material:
Structural Building Material:
Architect Name:

Architectural Style:


Resource Type:


Resource Use:
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Identification  /  Property History & Ownership  / 
Architectural & Building History  /  Research & Footnotes

Research & Footnotes

Rogers, Irene; Hennessey, Catherine

1Irene Rogers, Charlottetown: The Life in its Buildings, p. 180
3Irne Rogers, Charlottetown: The Life in its Buildings, p. 180
4Daily Examiner, April 2, 1900
5Guardian, August 8, 1916
7Guardian, June 10, 1919


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