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In 1873, Governor William Cleaver Francis Robinson gave the City of Charlottetown the responsibility of caring for 40 acres of the Fanning Bank farm.  This land was “to and for the use of all her Majesty's subjects as a park, promenade and pleasure ground.”  It was name Victoria Park in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Today, Victoria Park is one of Charlottetown’s most beautiful and popular parks where visitors can enjoy:
arrowPeaceful woodland walking trails
arrowA beautiful harbor-front boardwalk
arrowBall diamonds, tennis courts, horseshoe pitch
arrowA playground, splash pad and swimming pool
arrowOpen green spaces
arrowColorful displays of annual and perennial flowers
peaceful woodland

From the Park Bench, a Victoria Park Newsletter
What’s happening in Victoria Park? Find out in the quarterly Victoria Park newsletter that explores the happenings at Victoria Park.

Forest Restoration in Victoria Park
Did you know that forest restoration has been taking place in the Victoria Park woodlands since 2006?  The goal is to improve the health of the woodlands so that it will be here for future generations to enjoy.   
Forest Restoration information sheet
Forest Restoration in Victoria Park

Victoria Park Forest Restoration and Species Identification Booklet

Read the booklet to find out more about the Forest Restoration Project. 
Bring the booklet along on your next walk in the Park to help with native plant and wildlife identification. 
A copy of the booklet can be purchased at the Parks & Recreation office for a cost of $2.

Victoria Park Forest Restoration Project/Victoria Park Flora and Fauna ID

Native Tree and Shrub Arboretum
shrubsAn arboretum is a collection of woody plants that, historically, is used for scientific, educational and ornamental purposes.
Take a tour through the arboretum and see many of PEI’s native trees and shrubs.

Invasive Species

Victoria Park has some very invasive plant species that are trying to crowd out the native plants in the Park.  Each summer, students spend hours removing these plants.  Find what they are and how you can help stop their spread.
Factsheet on Glossy Buckthorn

Dead Man’s Pond

The pond is a mysterious place with many eerie stories about how it got its name and whether or not it is bottomless!  The pond is really a wonderful amphibian habitat where the entire life cycle of animals like the spotted salamander can be observed.
Salamander factsheet & Dead Man’s Pond information sheet

Crows in the Park

crowCrows have been coming to the Victoria Park area to roost during the winter months for more than 100 years.  They like urban areas because of the warmth, lack of predators, food supply and the lights.  It’s a love/hate relationship!
What do you know about crows? A Day in the Life of a Crow fact sheet
Crow Information - web links
Did you know - information about crow behavior
Jet Set Ian and Kate MacQuarrie
The American crow and Victoria Park - historical data
Washington Fish and Wildlife - Living with Wildlife - Crows
What do you know about crows - quotes from the internet
David Suzuki documentary

Victoria Park Trail Map
Take a stroll in the Park.
Victoria Park trail map

Victoria Park Events and Guidelines
Events draw many people to Victoria Park for a wide variety of activities, making the Park an alive and vibrant place to be.
Guidelines offer a few tips to help event organizers and Park staff care for and protect the natural areas and recreational amenities in Victoria Park.
Event guidelines

Taking A Personal Interest?
If you would like to know more or become involved in Park projects:
Contact the Parks and Recreation office at 368-1025 or visit our information kiosk at the Victoria Park Ball Clubhouse.

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